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Hedgehog Rescue



One of the boys!


Hector is another hedgehog that just didn’t gel with his original owner. If you’re a loud, screaming young girl with lots of loud, screaming young girl friends who are round at your house often, it’s probably not wise to expose a shy nocturnal animal with sensitive hearing to this environment. As a reaction to this, Hector’s stress levels went through the roof and he became bitey. Can’t really blame the little guy.


After he came to NEHR he had a couple of temporary foster carers, but it was only in November 2014 that he finally got what he really needed in David Attwood-Thomas - a chilled out male owner with lots of time to spend with him. David tells me Hector can sometimes be a bit of a grump, but is a gentle old soul - he’s well over 4 years old now. And there’s no stress-nipping any more. In fact, Hector likes falling asleep in David’s hands and doesn’t even complain at nail clip time. But despite his advancing years, he’s still a dedicated wheeler!


With most of the hogs in the rescue, it’s a case of matching them to the right home. It just took a while for Hector to find the right human. David says it’s a genuine pleasure to be part of Hector’s life.


Another wonderful bro-mance brought to you by NEHR!


PigAdvisor New Home Review:


Sorry, girls, I’m going to cut to the chase. I just can’t hack you people. Your squeaky voices offend my ears. Your perfume irritates my delicate little sniff-bean. Pink things make me want to vomit. And your music makes me want to commit acts of quilled violence.


Thankfully, I seem to have ended up with a non-female human. A dog human? A bull human? I’m not sure what the term is. Anyway, he’s cool. I’ve certainly not needed to bite him once yet. So long as he keeps the treats coming this can continue.


Best of all, he gave me my cool new name to go with my new start. I mean, seriously, who calls a hedgehog “Spike”?!? How many humans do you meet called “Hair”? I ask you!

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