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Hedgehog Rescue



For those who do not know his story here is a bit of info from the rescue.....


When I first met Levi I was immediately hit with a stench that hit the back of my throat and prevented me from wanting to breathe in order not to heave. He was in a cage that resembled a rubbish dump. He was being fed on tinned dog food which was sooooooooooo old it had a white film covering over it along with freshly laid fly eggs and maggots slithering around. There was no water in his dirty dish, this was mixed in with the dog food.


His exercise regime consisted of being carried around in a fish net. When being naughty or not fitting in with their idea of a children’s pet he was punished by being hit.


He was surrendered to the rescue where he was found to be far too grumpy to be rehomed.  Grumpy to the point where he bit his carers with a great deal of force and was described as vicious and aggressive; even though he was regularly handled and shown a great deal of love and care.


As he got older, his eye sight got worse due to cataracts, but this did not phase him at all.  His attitude and energy levels continued as normal, even though he was going blind.


Over time he did start to get better, and although he still had a 'hissy-fit' (as his carer described it), he did settle down and became more socialable, but still not to a point where he could be rehomed.  


Final message from the rescue:


We have some very sad news at the rescue! A lot of you will be aware that our mascot, Levi, was battling with an inoperable oral tumour ... he sadly recently lost his fight and made the final journey to the vet to be at rest.


He still had fire in his eyes until the very end so it was a very hard decision to make but he had started to wobble and also had developed large secondary tumours over his body and it just wasn't fair to let him fight for any longer.


Warning - Graphical Content

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